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Black book of communism


book describes only a partial history; history only limited to relatively small number of facts known to a few survivors of communist genocides, history of repressions, both political and civilian, by Communist states, including: genocides, extrajudicial executions, deportations, and artificial famines. Communism and Nazism are slightly different totalitarian systems. Communist regimes have killed "approximately 100 million people in contrast to the approximately 25 million victims of Nazis". Nazi Germany's methods of mass extermination were adopted from Soviet methods. Nazi state official Rudolf Höss who organized the infamous death camp in Auschwitz. According to Höss :

"The Reich Security Head Office issued to the commandants a full collection of reports concerning the Russian concentration camps. These described in great detail the conditions in, and organization of, the Russian camps, as supplied by former prisoners who had managed to escape. Great emphasis was placed on the fact that the Russians, by their massive employment of forced labor, had destroyed whole peoples".

Soviet genocides of peoples living in the Caucasus and exterminations of large social groups in Russia were not very much different from similar policies by Nazis. Both Communist and Nazi systems deemed "a part of humanity unworthy of existence. The difference is that the Communist model is based on the class system, the Nazi model on race and territory."

"The "genocide of a "class" may well be tantamount to the genocide of a "race" - the deliberate starvation of a child of a Ukrainian peasant as a result of the famine caused by Stalin's regime "is equal to" the starvation of a Jewish child in the Warsaw ghetto as a result of the famine caused by the Nazi regime".

Jewish genocide became a byword for modern barbarism, the epitome of twentieth-century mass terror... more recently, a single-minded focus on the Jewish genocide in an attempt to characterize the Holocaust as a unique atrocity has also prevented the assessment of other episodes of comparable magnitude in the Communist world. After all, it seems scarcely plausible that the victors who had helped bring about the destruction of a genocidal apparatus might themselves have put the very same methods into practice. When faced with this paradox, people generally preferred to bury their heads in sand."

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Reviewer: Jonathan Price - - April 2, 2014
Subject: Great Book!

Communist regimes have killed "approximately 100 million people..."


"in contrast to the approximately 25 million victims of Nazis"."


"Nazi Germany's methods of mass extermination were adopted from Soviet methods."

FALSE. National Socialist Germans NEVER "exterminated" anyone. That is a Jewish Bolshevik/communist specialty. No evidence exists to support these scurrilous, libelous charges simply because it never happened. All we have is lies, half-truths, and tortured "confessions" from brutally mistreated German defendants at those shameful, fraudulent Nuremberg show trials (the 'brainchild' of the World Jewish Congress), whose outcome was predetermined long before that sham court began, along with tons and tons and tons of Jewish falsehoods from the vengeful, greedy, inventive minds and lying tongues of so-called holocaust "survivors" who, in reality, are nothing more than ex-labor or concentration camp internees.

Here's but one expose:

THE MEMORY of the "massacre" of Jews at Babi Yar is painful to all politicians. But evidence shows it never happened. Aerial reconnaissance photos taken before and during World War II show mass graves of victims of the Soviet Cheka/NKVD, but an absence of Jewish mass burials.

What if anything, happened at a place called Babi Yar (Old Woman's Ravine) near Kiev, Ukraine - September 29, 1941? According to official histories and inscriptions on monuments, 250,000 people, mostly Jews, were killed by the Nazis there. But if thousands of Kievan Jews (those not evacuated by the Soviets) were killed in September of 1941 by the Germans, they were not murdered or buried at Babi Yar. This fact was revealed in aerial reconnaissance photos discovered in the U.S. National Archives in Washington, DC.

In February 1997 a Ukrainian court threw out a case brought by Ukrainian Jews against V. Kretytnychy of the St. Andrew Society and E. Musiyenko, editor of the Kiev Evening News (Vechirnyi Kyiv), who challenged the official Babi Yar story. Encouraged by the court decision, on March 19, 1997 the Kiev Evening News published a four-page story setting the record straight for the first time since the Allies condemned the phony "atrocity" during World War II.

What is now coming to the fore is incontrovertible proof that no massacre took place at Babi Yar during the German occupation of Kiev; that the ravine was not used as a mass grave for Jews killed by the Germans. But it was a burial field between 1922-1935 for the victims of the Cheka/NKVD.

For decades, aerial photography has been recognized as an indispensable archaeological tool. With sophisticated equipment, ruins of ancient cities and cemeteries that lie under cultivated fields, forgotten for decades or centuries, have been discovered. Even submerged Hellenic ports have been discovered by aerial photography.

In 1991, wartime aerial photographs from the National Archives in Washington, DC were used as the ultimate guidance in exhumations of hundreds of Polish officers and intellectuals massacred in
1939-40 by the Soviet NKVD in the vicinity of Kharkiv. Aerial photos of Kiev's distant suburbs,

including Bykivnia, Bilhorodka and Darnista, revealed mass graves of victims of the 1930's Stalinist terror-famine. It is therefore logical to assume that aerial photos of a ravine would reveal evidence of recent mass graves or of a major topographic disturbance.

The US National Archives in Washington contain about 1,100,000 wartime aerial photos, among them some 600 of Kiev, including Babi Yar. They were taken during 20 or more flights over the area. The first photos, taken at 12:23 pm on May 17, 1939, reveal such details as cars and even the shadows of the lamp posts on the streets of Kiev. Every large bush and small tree is visible on the slopes and at the bottom of the Babi Yar ravine. The last aerial photo coverage of Kiev (and Babi Yar) took place on June 18, 1944, about nine months after the city's "liberation" by the Red Army.

This series of reconnaissance photos demonstrates that the flora and the ground cover of the ravine
remained undisturbed throughout the two years of German occupation. When the early and late photos
are compared, it is obvious that the scattered trees grew and became slightly larger. No evidence of human or large animal activity in the ravine can be discerned on the many aerial photos of Babi Yar taken repeatedly in different seasons of the years 1939-1944.

In November of 1943, a group of Western journalists, including New York Times correspondent William "Bill" Lawrence, himself Jewish, were invited to Kiev by the Soviets. This occurred two weeks after the city's fall to the Red Army. The reporters were told that this was only six weeks after the Germans had completed the dynamiting, disinterment and open-air cremation of 70,000 corpses, followed by the crushing and bulldozing of the unburned bones into the soil of the ravine.

But the Western journalists were hard pressed to find any convincing physical evidence at the site of the alleged massacre.
Reviewer: manhattansunrise - - January 27, 2014
Subject: Description and header
The header/author has some strange symbols that need to be cleaned up. The description needs to be cleaned up for excessive white space and odd symbols, which detract.
Reviewer: Myst2014 - - December 26, 2012
Subject: Why does Communism persecute those of faith, because they know the power of that faith to oppose their Tyrany ?
The comments above should probably be disregarded, as they demonstrate insufficient understanding. Communism persecutes people first because they are dissenters, but more specifically it persecutes those who affirm any moral authority which is ABOVE or different from their own.

That kind of persecution was visited by Communist systems everywhere around the world. That kind of oppression was most severe usually against Christians, simple ordinary nice kind Jesus-followers. That same kind of persecution still goes on to this day, at this hour by North Korea.

The Standard edition of this work is ALSO available in PDF. It is a bit better edition. It can be found at this same site, but by clicking here below:

[ The Black Book of Communism ] .

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